Analysis of CIP Technology Problems--Color Management Problems

6. Color management issues

Color management is the key and difficult point of CTP technology. The ICC characteristic curve that can accurately reflect the characteristics of the device determines the effect of color management. Therefore, creating the ICC characteristic curve becomes the most important task in color management. In the production practice, the author summarizes the following points that need attention:

1. Keep the printing as steady as possible. Enterprises must establish a set of effective printing standards, especially in controlling the printing density and the increase of network points, and require the operator to resolutely execute the printing process, and control each index within the error range.

2. Make sure the digital proofing device is in normal condition. Such as Agfa's Sharpa series, can use QMS (Qualiy Management System) software to detect and adjust the machine, so that the digital proofing device is always in a normal state, and to ensure consistent print results.

3. The IT8 for measurement must have a clean, oil-free surface, and no creases. This has an important effect on whether the ICC characteristic curve accurately reflects the characteristics of the equipment.

4. In theory, different printing conditions correspond to different ICC characteristic curves. However, for the common impressions of the common prints and human eyes, three ICC characteristic curves reflecting the printing characteristics can be set for the three commonly used papers: coated paper, matte copper and offset paper.
5. With the continuous development of technology, color management software should also be continuously upgraded. From the information fed back by the client, the ColorTune used with the Agfa CTP system has been upgraded to version 4.2, which not only accurately simulates the printing effect, but also is very stable. The effect of color management has been a qualitative leap.

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