Analysis and Prospect of Bill Printing Industry

China bill After more than ten years of rapid development, the printing industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties under the impact of paperless office and emerging Internet technologies. In 2013, the overall market of the bill printing industry declined significantly compared with previous years. Enterprises that rely on traditional bill printing have experienced shrinking business, underemployment, relative overcapacity, and falling profits. Another group of companies that have been transformed a few years ago have maintained a certain growth momentum by actively expanding into new business areas.

The challenges facing the bill printing industry

At present, the bill printing industry is facing many challenges. The most prominent problem is that paperless papers and electronic processes have intensified, causing the printing volume of bills (including direct mail bills) to shrink sharply.
The online invoice is an electronic record of paper invoices. While ensuring the accuracy and uniqueness of invoice data, it can also effectively reduce the cost of acquisition, improve the convenience of invoice inquiry verification and tax inspection, and further promote energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. . On April 1, 2013, the “Measures for the Administration of Network Invoices” promulgated by the State Administration of Taxation was officially implemented. With the continuous improvement of the informatization level of invoice management, the continuous improvement of the network invoice management system, the government's efforts to promote online invoices, the bills will gradually develop towards paperless and electronic.
The emergence of online invoices marks the decline of the bill printing industry from the industrial life cycle, and the traditional bill printing business will continue to shrink. In the long period of time afterwards, the problem of overcapacity in the industry will become more and more prominent. It will become more and more difficult for bill printing enterprises to achieve sales increase and profit growth. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of invoice management, the further improvement of financial auditing system and reimbursement system, network invoices will gradually become the main object of invoice management, and its promotion and application will put forward higher requirements for invoice management, and will also be The development of the bill printing industry has brought great influence and promotion, especially to the bill printing enterprises.
In addition, like other companies in the printing industry, bill printing companies face the following challenges.
(1) Changes in the age structure of employees. On the one hand, the average age of the old employees, especially the middle-level cadres, is too large, and the original knowledge reserves cannot meet the new business development needs of the company; on the other hand, the new employees are mostly after 80s and 90s, and the employment methods and management methods of the enterprises. Facing new challenges.
(2) Difficulties in working and rising labor costs. As the country raises the minimum wage standard for employees year by year and the standardization of employee social security contributions, the cost of labor for enterprises is getting higher and higher. These have particularly affected the printing of bills in the Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions.
(3) Industry competition has intensified, and the price and profit margin of bill products have gradually declined. The shrinking market and the relative surplus of production capacity will inevitably lead to the intensification of vicious competition in the industry.

Coping strategies of bill printing enterprises

Despite the challenges faced by the bill printing industry, the industry reshuffle is intensifying. However, if enterprises can take the opportunity to actively explore and deepen the reform, is this not a good opportunity for bill printing companies to achieve breakthroughs and upgrades?
Bill printing enterprises should take the initiative to meet the arrival of invoice network and electronic era, take the initiative to change, combine their own characteristics and business environment transformation and development, seize the opportunity to seek development; adapt to the development of the bill application market, further improve the printing level and improve the management system , made greater progress in the printing of invoices. Passive waiting and sticking to the same, perhaps not a few years, when the traditional bill business and profits are no longer, some traditional bill printing enterprises will be overwhelmed by the tide of electronic bills and information. Specifically, the following methods are worth learning.

1. Transfer the focus of business and avoid risks
For most bill printing companies, it is more feasible to: while sticking to the old business, find ways to enter new areas, try to give full play to advantages and avoid disadvantages.
For bill printing enterprises that have done a good job in the traditional bill business and have a large business volume, the threat of network invoices is inevitable. If they are unable to cope with the impact of online invoices, opt-out is a wise decision. Such enterprises have accumulated a lot of competitive advantages in the field of traditional bill printing. They can choose to gradually shift their business focus to areas that are less affected by online invoices, so as to avoid risks and use enterprise advantages in new fields. opportunity.
For enterprises with better customer base, it is a good transformation and upgrading direction to take advantage of the existing customer resources, deepen the development of other customer needs, expand the product line, and make the customer's one-stop supply service provider. The supply of products or services can be resolved through a joint strategic alliance.
For enterprises with strong production equipment and production management capabilities, they will use the advantages of production equipment to switch to small-package printing products and enter the field of packaging and printing ; or undertake the processing of bills of other enterprises, and become a production base with cost advantages. Kind of choice.
Other advantageous enterprises can use the research and development capabilities of products to develop civilian consumer printing products, and jointly strategic partners with sales capabilities, take the development direction of standard products and scale.

2. Warm up the group and cultivate the core competitiveness of the company
In the process of sticking to the old business and exploring new fields, it is best to unite a number of enterprises in the industry to form a strategic alliance and warm up. Through the outsourcing of non-core businesses, each of them concentrates on developing their own unique advantages, while at the same time allowing each other to form a synergy and endeavor to extend the life cycle of traditional bill products, in order to gain valuable time and cultivate the core competitiveness of the company. Realize transformation and development.
In this process, the leading enterprises in the bill printing industry should play a more leading role, unite the enterprises, face the severe market challenges at present, and jointly plan the future of the industry.

New opportunities in the bill printing industry

1. Deepen the green printing of bills and strive to lead in the old bank
Green printing is a major trend in the printing industry. Doing a good job in green printing will not only help companies to obtain some preferential policies at the policy level, but also make products more competitive in the market. Green printing is the only way for enterprises to upgrade and develop.
From February 1, 2013, the "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Printing Part II: Commercial Paper Printing" standard was officially implemented as a national environmental protection standard. The bill printing enterprise is the main body to implement green printing. The implementation of green printing standards is the core of implementing green printing. When implementing it, enterprises should “make standards become habits and let habits meet standards”. As of the beginning of August 2014, 50 paper printing companies across the country have obtained environmental labeling product certification issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
In the process of green printing of bills, enterprises should grasp the following key points: 1 Actively respond, pass the green printing certification of bills as soon as possible, and regulate legal operation; 2 to ensure that raw material procurement meets green printing standards; 3 to achieve printing process and process in line with green printing standards ; 4 to achieve three wastes standards discharge, reduce environmental pollution; 5 to achieve green product standards; 6 continue to promote the green printing related work, promote the normal development of the company's normal development.

2. Use new technologies such as RFID to seize the opportunity to occupy the market
In the application of RFID technology, Wuxi Shuanglong Information Paper Co., Ltd. has continuously applied RFID technology to some banking products by continuously strengthening the company's R&D team.
It is worth mentioning that the tickets for Shanghai Disneyland, which will open in 2015, are also likely to adopt RFID technology. From the current research situation, it is likely to gradually transition from magnetic strip tickets to RFID tickets. According to preliminary estimates, the number of people entering Shanghai Disneyland is about 70,000 a day. Such a large flow of people will inevitably bring a large number of tickets and related tickets, DM promotional materials and other printing services, which is a huge for the domestic bill printing industry. Business opportunity. But we must be prepared early to deal with fierce market competition.
In addition, for the bill printing enterprises that have been transformed into the RFID and chip packaging industries, there are still several areas worthy of attention: 1 Among the many application technologies of RFID, the market demand for NFC (Near Field Communication) technology will be relatively large. In addition to the most important mobile payment applications, NFC can also be used in the market of Bluetooth speakers, computers and toys, as well as in the application scenarios of gaming platforms; 2 Another important application of flexible electronic technology is electronic skin. Integrating the chip into a flexible material for detecting human health is one of the applications of electronic skin. The research and development of electronic skin technology has been carried out on a large scale abroad and has been promoted and applied.

3. Combine your own advantages and expand network services
Bill printing enterprises have their own inherent advantages. In the process of transformation and development, some enterprises fully realize this point, relying on their own advantages, actively making progress, expanding network services, and achieving good results.
(1) Network invoice related applications and services
Network invoices are indeed a bad news for bill printing companies. However, bill printing companies have inherent advantages in invoice management and distribution. If this advantage can be used reasonably, then the crisis is also an opportunity.
In recent years, some bill printing companies have entered the field of online invoicing, providing applications and services related to online invoicing. Such as Chongqing Yuanda, Donggang shares and other enterprises, they have good customer resources and software and hardware technology, also have advantages in terms of capital and talents, bravely out of the traditional manufacturing industry, and actively participated in the network invoice pilot work. Chongqing Yuanzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chongqing Yuanda, has gathered a group of tax-related information and network invoicing professionals, integrated technology research and development and operation service teams, and focused on building a “Gold Tax” network (electronic) invoice integration business platform. Create a new identity for "data operations service providers.", a subsidiary of Donggang, has been authorized by the relevant departments of the Beijing Municipal Government to provide online invoice verification services.
If bill printing companies regard the promotion of online invoices as an opportunity, but they do not have the resources and capabilities to develop online invoices, they can choose according to their actual situation: give up opportunities, give opportunities to others; or try to seize opportunities and try their best Fill in the short board.
(2) Paperless lottery service
In the paperless lottery service, listed companies operate frequently. Hongbo is transforming from lottery printing companies to lottery operations and service providers. While continuously improving the lottery audience and brand influence, it has developed 4 mobile lottery games. In addition, Wuxi Shuanglong cooperated with Hongbo Co., Ltd. to actively promote the development of lottery printing business. Anne shares signed a contract with Tencent to continue to promote the paperless lottery sales business and continuously optimize the company's “China Grand Prize Lottery” platform.
(3) Establish a paper distribution network
Guangdong Tianzhang Information Paper Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the production of paper printing consumables, has established a paper distribution network through cooperation with Jingdong and other platforms, which has improved the adaptability of enterprises to the industry situation and achieved certain results.
Finally, I would like to make some suggestions for the difficult paper printing industry colleagues: 1 Keep up with the national macro policy and grasp the development trend of the bill printing industry; 2 Combine with its own characteristics and advantages, transform and upgrade, or jointly develop with other enterprises; The progress of expansion, control the pace of enterprise development; 4 to ensure the development of corporate funds, to ensure the healthy development of enterprises; 5 to increase the internal training of enterprises, refined management, open source and reduce expenditure.
Although the bill printing industry has encountered difficulties in development, we have seen that the emergence of difficulties is also driving the development of the bill printing industry to the network, RFID and other fields. The new field has given new life to the bill printing, and it has brought more Broad development space.


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