Aestheticism of Modern Packaging Container Design

The design of packaging containers should have aesthetic value. This is almost no controversy because people need not only material satisfaction but also spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, excellent packaging container design should be a high degree of unity of material function and spiritual function. From the aspect of material function, its content lies in its function, its form reflects the structural form and expression of utility significance; in terms of spiritual function, its content lies in whether it contains the creative power of man, and its form shows the essential power of man. Sensual form. Therefore, the packaging container design must satisfy the external function of the aesthetic performance of the times while satisfying the function.

However, influenced by the level of social production development, there are various differences in aesthetic standards due to different times, showing historically limited aesthetic values ​​and aesthetic style. The unique meticulous craftsmanship and complicated patterns of traditional handicraft production methods have become the aesthetic features of that era. However, in the modern large-scale industrial production, the processing technology has become very cumbersome and time-consuming, and the traditional aesthetic of decorative patterns is very Not suitable for the nature of machine production. The modernist movement is a great revolution in the history of industrial design. Its greatest significance is to shake the traditional aesthetics, completely abandon the traditional decoration and cumbersome external decorative patterns, and open up channels for the new aesthetic spirit and design culture. Modernism clearly affirms machinery, pursues a simple summary of the appearance, attaches importance to the inherent texture of material materials, and pushes modern design ideas and aesthetic consciousness to a new height.

One: pursuit of simple and abstract forms

The high degree of development of modern technology and the scale and intensification of production methods make it difficult for container design to continue to imitate and distort the nature, and determine that the aesthetic value of the packaging container must be based on modern industrial production methods and explore the form creation. The beauty of the performance, to facilitate the production of molding, should be based on the concise specification of the geometric shape, and can not have a tedious decorative pattern on the surface of the packaging container. The aesthetic of the packaging container is reflected in the abstract expression power of the shape itself and the harmonious relationship between the morphological constituent elements. In the unadorned packaging container shape, the uniform change of its shape structure can also reflect the simple and abstract new type. Aesthetic characteristics, the change in the form of the packaging container itself is a decorative style. What needs to be emphasized is that the simple and abstract morphological constitution does not simply refer to the rational form composed of straight lines and planes, but also includes the tactile sensation with rich perceptual expressions and surface changes. The tactile form not only expresses the simple and abstract aesthetic features, but also becomes rich. The perceptual language of change and smooth rhythm shape the friendly and high emotional image of the packaging container. In addition, people in the actual use of life, but also found that simple and abstract modern container modeling is more convenient than traditional decorative artifacts piled up to facilitate the cleaning, the convenience of use has strengthened people's pursuit of new aesthetic spirit and design culture and confidence.
The texture of natural materials gives packaging containers a unique regional cultural charm. (Wine design / Cao Yipeng)

II: Respect the material's own texture

From conceptual conception to processing and molding, the design of packaging containers relies on the physicalization of a variety of natural or artificial materials. Material is the material basis for the packaging containers. The artistic appeal of packaging containers is conveyed through the natural properties of light, color, shape, and other materials. The sensory system given to us, as Santayana said: "If the temple of Athena Barthon was not made of marble, the crown was not made of gold, and the stars had no light, they would be plain things." Different materials give people Different visual perceptions, this is because of the role played by different material textures, the texture is due to the different organization and structure of the material and people get the visual texture and tactile texture, material weight, soft feeling and warm and cold sense are mostly made of texture As a result, the texture of different materials will make people have a rich aesthetic experience and spiritual resonance. The designer should treat the material texture of the packaging container with an aesthetic attitude and creative spirit to maximize the visual appeal of the packaging container.

With the continuous emergence of new materials, on the one hand, the visual expression of the packaging containers has been enhanced, and on the other hand, new aesthetic concepts and aesthetic forms have emerged. The creation activity in the handicraft era is mainly to decorate the appearance of the objects through the pattern of natural patterns, which often masks the beauty of the materials and colors inherent in the shape of the packaging containers. Modern packaging containers are more in pursuit of the material's own texture and texture, such as the simple and natural nature of wood texture, exquisite transparency of glass and abundant light and shadow changes, and the splendor of stainless steel. For the same material, various textures can also be exhibited through different processing techniques or chemical treatments. For example, the metal bottle cap of a packaging container is polished and polished to obtain a smooth and mirror-like texture effect, giving a delicate, rational, and tense aesthetic. The sensation, while the matte surface obtained by chemical treatment, expresses an aesthetic characteristic of the mold. It can be seen that the impact of new materials on design is not merely limited to the technical category, but it also includes the visual sensation and sensation of human sensation and the stimulating effect on aesthetic trends.

III: Advocating Formal Purpose of Purpose

The traditional aesthetic concept regards function and decoration as two irrelevant parts, which makes the decoration of the packaging container unpractical, inappropriate and costly. Modernism pays attention to form obedience to function, pursuing simple and abstract forms, but the modern aesthetic concept of packaging containers does not deny the existence of decoration. It is only when the decoration of the shape of the packaging container is expressed that the aesthetic decoration and the function are often organically combined. As a result, based on the use of functions, the function of the shape of the packaging container is fully and appropriately expressed in the perceptual form of art, which may make the container shape have a pleasing aesthetic value. For example, the wavy linear shape of a plastic bottle of mineral water expresses a smooth rhythm on the one hand, and on the other hand, it plays a functional role in strengthening the fastness of the plastic bottle and increasing the friction of the hand. Therefore, it can be seen that the excellent packaging container Modeling must be a feature that reflects the conformity and regularity of the formation of artifacts. But can not decorate the aesthetic factors outside the functional factors, decorate and decorate, isolated formalism and aestheticism design, only the combination of aesthetic decoration and functional structure and other factors, so that the formal elements reflect the packaging container modeling Its own internal elements and values ​​reflect its consistency with the material and psychological needs of the user, and thus have its true aesthetic value.

The simple and abstract geometric shape expresses the new aesthetic spirit and design culture. (Perfume bottle design / Cao Yipeng)

Four: Advocating the aesthetic value of science and technology

The texture of natural materials gives packaging containers a unique regional cultural charm. (Wine design / Cao Yipeng)
The modern aesthetic consciousness reflects today's technological form. The development of science and technology directly or indirectly involved in the form creation of packaging containers and brought new aesthetic ideas to people. High-tech presents knowledge-intensive features. The automation of production and the standardization of products have created high-quality living objects. For example, some aluminum packaging seals designed for packaging containers can be easily and effortlessly pulled apart. People enjoy a superior lifestyle and use container products. In the process, I deeply felt the level of modern civilization and advanced science and technology, and I felt wholeheartedly enjoying the enjoyment of the beauty, the infinite joy and interest, and the intoxication of the power of science. The aesthetic value of utensils is closely linked with the level of science and technology. People realize that technology itself has its own artistic characteristics and began to play an inherent beauty in the shape of packaging containers. The orientation of aesthetic high technology is the aesthetic category of deeper rational connotation. It shows the orderliness and precision of machinery in the intuitive form of packaging containers, and it fully conforms to the requirements of the specification, such as the straight line precision of the packaging container edge, and the machine The traces of processing left by production are all given to people with the scientific reason and logic. For another example, a packaging container designed according to ergonomic principles meets the psychological and physiological characteristics of a person in terms of size, feel, and operation, and will inevitably lead to a pleasing aesthetic experience in use. The modern aesthetic principle that integrates technological factors has become an indispensable attribute in people's aesthetic activities. In a certain sense, high technology is the United States, and modernization is the United States.

The more iterative aesthetic consciousness represents the change of the times, the aesthetic concept of modern packaging containers is the product of the times and society under certain historical conditions. From the decorative performance to the abstract aesthetics, they all express distinct individual characteristics of the times and modern aesthetic concepts. The essential difference from the traditional aesthetic concept is that each represents a different production method and social productivity. Its aesthetic principles are based on the scientific standards, rich economic benefits, the characteristics of the times and the aesthetic needs of the society. The discovery and thinking of people on materials, the development and use of technology, and the observance and grasp of aesthetic standards are all reflections of contemporary lifestyles and social needs. They embody the ultimate expression of human aesthetic ideals and the beauty of future life. .

The historical wheel of aesthetic standards continues to roll to the future. Economic globalization has enabled mankind to rapidly enter the material-rich consumption era and constantly change people’s lifestyles and values. This will inevitably lead to new aesthetic values. At the same time, The aesthetic performance of the artist also faces new challenges. The designer must use the keen art intuition ability to discover and construct new aesthetic values ​​and specifically express it visually. In terms of packaging container design, we must express the aesthetic spirit and aesthetic concept of the times in the design with new aesthetic thinking, pursue the expression of the latest era in the form of packaging containers, in order to maintain the vitality in the changing times, and present a vivid aesthetic The taste is widely recognized by the market and consumers. )

Art and Design Department of Anhui University of Engineering Science and Technology Jin Dong

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